Yetunde Joyce – I Choose To Be Free (Download)

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“Sometimes in July at the early hours of dawn with the sunlight already pouring in through the curtains since it was summer. I Suddenly felt a push to write ‘I Choose to Be Free’ says Yetunde Joyce- A Singer, Songwriter, An OAP and Host of Love Language. The Ireland based Nigerian Gospel singer went to explain the inspiration behind her song-“I choose to be free”.

I get so inspired by the song ‘ I Choose To Be Free ‘ as it is a song I wrote in 2011 summer when I was in a situation I did not see coming. Then I felt unsettled and restless with sleepless nights and cloudless mornings.

If you have come across a book titled ‘All the beggars riding’ by Lucy Caldwell, you might understand my situation. A story about Lara and her brother who lost their father in a terrible accident and was trying to erase the memories and get back on track.

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So at that distressing time, I made sure I meditated everyday on Deuteronomy 30:9.

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 About Yetunde Joyce

About Yetunde Joyce

Yetunde Joyce is one of the most creative gospel artists and Music Promoter. She’s an inspirational African Afrofolk singer/songwriter from Nigeria based in Ireland. She is also a certified Project…Read More
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