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Gospel songs is part of our day to day life, either worship or praise, good songs enrich the soul. Here are list of latest worship songs on Gospelmenu, most of the songs have lyrics attached and we assure you all music on this site have audio file attached to them. The worship songs listed below are so good you will keep coming back to check this page every now and then. We aim to also include some worship videos at bottom of the page. The worship songs on this page are based on most recently uploaded gospel songs, we also make sure good old worship songs on Gospelmenu are also included. You will find songs from Nigerian popular artists like Chris Shalom, Nathaniel, Sinach, Lara George, Eben, Frank Edwards, Buchi, Ada and so on...
Download Free mp3 Kirk Franklin Melodies From Heaven (Audio and Lyrics).

Download Free Kirk Franklin My Life Is In Your Hands. Audio and Lyrics.

Flo Nigerian gospel artist Twale

In the morning, I will seek you In the noon time, I will see your face In the night time, I will testify, of your goodness in my life And I will sing And worship you All my life yeah! Chorus Kabiasi o Mojuba re (Ajuba re) Eledumare Oba nla Kabiasi o Mojuba re (Ajuba […]

Chorus Faithful God Faithful God Faithful God I Magnify your name Verse 1 I’ve searched through all the earth There is none like you Mighty are your works Great is thy power Forever you are GOD oh Your words are Ye and Amen You are the faithful GOD I maginfy your name Chorus Faithful God […]

I will extol thee, lift up your name on high Cause you are worthy awesome God Nations will rise and sing Oceans and seas will roar As we lift up our hands awesome Gid Ooh oh oh /2x Lord you reign, Awesome God Chorus Creations shall declare your glory Trees in the fields will bow […]

Let Your Power fall And your spirit fill us all Lord, have, have Your Way Teach us to know you And be more like thee Lord, have, have Your Way Spirit touch us We won’t hold back Lord, have, have Your Way Chorus Lord, Have Your way In our lives Lord Have ,Have Your Way […]

Solo 1 Summer, winter, autumn and spring Mountains, blue skies and the seas rainbows, sunshine and the trees Jesus, maker of them all Jesus…, Daddy Summer, winter, autumn and spring Mountains, blue skies and the seas rainbows, sunshine and the trees Jesus, maker of them all Everywhere I go I see You right there In […]

Eben is a Nigerian rock artiste well known for his genuine worship to God through music. Here he is with a new song titled God All By Yourself. The title of the song is apt – Worship to a GOD who is self existent; the all breasted God. This is an anthem for every true […]

Oh oh oh Yahweh Powerful Awesome and Mighty God of the earth Oh I oh I Laid all down All my emotions There in my heart With all of my heart I love you My heart was crafted to Oh Yahweh Powerful God of the aged Joy of our days O oh So I’ll sing […]

Chorus Oyoyoma yoma emmmmh Oyoyoma (3x) Oghene yoma Oyoyoma owhogbe tewhere Ogheneme Oyoyoma Oghene yoma From the rising of the sun To the going down of same You never change You remain the same Heavens cry And angels bow To glory of your name Precious Jesus sovereign God. You are, my God Chorus At the […]