Sinach – Great Are You Lord (Download + Lyric)

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Sinach – Great Are You Lord Lyrics & audio
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Holy, Holy, God Almighty
It’s a privilege to worship you
Maker of all universe
It’s an honour just to stand before you (Repeat)

With a grateful heart I lift my hands to you
Proclaiming Lord you reign! (Repeat)

Great are you Lord, Your greatly to be praised
Greatly to be praised, Father you reign (Repeat)

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We lift up our hands, You reign,
We worship you, You reign…

(Repeat from Top)

Lift up your voice and worship him,
He reign in our midst, Father you reign,
You reign, Hallelujah!

Great are you Lord, Great are you Lord

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 About Sinach

About Sinach

Sinach (born Osinachi Kalu) is an award winning songwriter, vocalist and one of the most anointed international worship leaders of our time. As a songwriter, Sinach believes in writing from…Read More
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