Nigerian gospel music web site to download music

Gospel menu is a Nigerian gospel music website dedicated to promoting gospel music, spoken words, sermon and more of gospel related articles. Below are the quick link to the site.

Nigerian Sermon

Nigerian sermon section is all about sermons by Nigerian pastors. Most of this pastors are well known for their messages. You will find audio messages to listen to and option to download the sermon.

Nigerian Gospel Music

On music section, you will find Nigerian gospel music. Worship and praise Nigerian gospel songs. Also you can download or stream the songs.

Nigerian Gospel Lyrics

The different between Nigerian gospel lyrics and Nigerian gospel music section is that the lyrics section has got songs with lyrics. You will be able to sing along to your favorite gospel music.

Female Nigerian Gospel Singers

Like the title said, female Nigerian gospel singers are female singers. The section will display female singers alone with their songs.

Male Nigerian Gospel Singers

This section will display male Nigerian Gospel singers alone with their songs.

Nigerian Worship Songs

The section will display worship songs. From popular to list popular Nigerian top worship songs.

Nigerian Praise Songs

Nigerian praise section will list praise songs from most popular to least popular praise songs.

Latest Nigerian Gospel Music

This section will list latest Nigerian music.

Best Nigerian Gospel Songs of All Time

Popular Nigerian gospel music will list most popular Nigerian gospel music on this site.