Monique – Na U Dey Reign Ft. PV (Download + Lyric)

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Monique – Na U Dey Reign Ft. PV Lyrics & audio
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Call – Jesus na you dey reign o
Response- You be Baba o
Call- There is nobody like you
Response – You Be baba o.
Call- I trowey salute eh..
Response- You be baba o
Call- Daddy no one like you eh…
Response- You be Baba o

Call- Oye ne emema leee…
Response- Imela o…
Call- Apa nla to so’le ayè ro
Response- Esèun gaan o
Call- Isi nkè ndu lèè
Response-Imela o..
Call-Ejinkolo jinkololo jinkololo
Response-Eseun gaan o…

Verse 1
If no be for You where me I for dey?
I have searched all over the world
Then I found no body like You
Bright and morning star
Only You I serve everyday na You.
I will pour my love for You.
That’s why when I wake in the morning I sing my praise to You.
In the night o na You I dey call o
Na you dey reign……….

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Verse 2
I love You I declare my love.
I praise You, You alone my Lord.
Holy Spirit my lover, You alone my Father
My sweet Comforter, You are my Defender
When praises go up, Your blessings come down.
Oh my Jesus, come receive my praise

Na you dey reign….(u be Baba o).

Verse 3

I arise to praise my God
My national praise
International dance
for my Supernatural God
melody in my heart
His rest in my heart
I sing because I am happy o
I sing because I am free
O ya follow me thank am (welu welu welu welu welu x3)
The things my God has done o
I cannot tell it all……


(Last chorus)Oya folo me thank am …..
welu welu welu welu welu ×3
iyeh! iyeh!! iyeh!!!.

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