Lolade Adeleke – Awesome God (Download + Lyric)

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Lolade Adeleke – Awesome God Lyrics & audio
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Who can list the glorious miracles of the Lord
Who can never praise Him enough o- Awesome o
The winds are your messengers
Flames of fire are your servants
Jehovah i trowey salute o.

Awesome God o / 2ce

Bringing out something from nothing
That’s your profession
At the mention of your name every kneel must bow
Every tongues must confess that you are Lord.

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Calling those which be not as though they were (Awesome o)

Awesome God o
Awesome God o

The Awesome God
ooooo/3ceThe Awesome God

Baba mi, oluranlowo aye mi, titi aye ni n omayin o o/2ce

Awesome God
Awesome God

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