Ellora – Beautiful (Download + Lyric)

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Ellora – Beautiful Lyrics & audio
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Sitting by my window
Looking out at the beautiful things
And wondrous things he’s made…so beautiful
Walking on the street…all the great
And mighty things he’s made the great blue sky so beautiful
He’s made them all beautiful
Beautiful He’s made them all beautiful

I know who I am
Child of the greatest king
Possessor of divinity
Look at me you know
I know who I am
Beloved of the Lord
He’s given me authority
Nothing can stop me now
I know who I am

Oh his gracious mercy never ending love
He’s always by my side no he’ll never leave me no ohh
Lovingly he raised me
Amazingly he brought me up

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Beautiful Beautiful He’s made me more beautiful

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With this knowledge that I got I can do anything
There’s no stopping me now
Yes I can move any mountain
Speak it forth and it will be
I know I can
The great creator lives in me
His ability he gave me
All I need I have
His power at work in me now I got authority

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