Ada Nigerian Jesus the same


Creator of the universe What can’t you do What can’t you do JESUS Name above every other name What can’t you change What can’t you change JESUS You are able Great and might God You are able JESUS Chorus There is nothing Nothing you cannot do Nothing you cannot change Nothing you cannot turn around […]

The Name Of Jesus


Verse 1 There’s a name I love to call When all else fails to lead me through There’s a name that stands alone Above all names above all names Somebody say that name Chorus Ooo Jesus Jesus Ad lips in chorus Jesus O I call you Jesus Jesus Verse 2 It’s that name that brings […]

Im A Winner

victoria cole

We are anointed Yes we are – repeat I m a winner I’m a Champion I’m at the top I cannot lose For my God is for me – I cannot lose For my God is great – I cannot lose I cannot lose for my God is with me I cannot lose for my […]

Loud Loud

mike abdul

Verse 1 – Mike Abdul This not getting funny Won Fe somi d’olopa Life is not the money Ele pemi n dolapo From Lagos down to Warri I spread the gospel sorry Won nipe talo nsemi I take the blame mi o worry Woni Wonpe Why you Too dey Kako bi eja round about – […]

This Kind God


Chorus This kind God ooo I never see your type ooo This kind of God ooo Blessed be your holy name (x2) Verse 1 In time of wahala When I dey halla Baba no dey leave me lailai E dey gimme strength and power See… No wonder I dey call am my messiah Jehovah no […]