American Gospel Songs

Gospel songs give us that inner joy when it comes to music. Church songs are not only to be played on Sunday only but also to be played on the go at every opportunity as they enrich the soul, brings out love in us and connect us to our Creator (God).

Gospelmenu, as a christian gospel music site, we are dedicated to bringing you variety of gospel music from different location of the world. Top gospel songs from all over – Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Kenya and more. We are open to suggestion and song request.

Our love for Christianity is what made us build this lovely site in the first place. We are going to be uploading visual to many gospel music soon so you can have access to videos in our gospel video section. List below are American gospel music, available to download with lyrics as you listen to the music.


Download Isaac Carree - I Worship You


Download Jamie Jones – Lord You're Worthy


You're not a God created by human hands You're not a God dependent on any mortal man You're not a God in need of Anything we can give By Your plan, that's just the...


Download Free mp3 Kirk Franklin Melodies From Heaven (Audio and Lyrics).


Download Free Kirk Franklin My Life Is In Your Hands. Audio and Lyrics.


Gawvi, get 'em! Here we go again in circles I think I heard it all We been here before But we need something more Something more Something more What you say I can't hear...