Veekeyz – Overcome (Download + Lyric)

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Veekeyz – Overcome Lyrics & audio
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Verse 1
In the midst of the storm
You held me up
I never drowned
I never fainted
You rescued me
The life of victory is the life that I live
In your name I can do all things

You gave me wings to fly
Now I can soar on eagles wings
I am a shining light to my world
I’m a winner /2x
I overcome

Verse 2
Just as gold you refined me
I went through the fire
But never melted
You brought me out of clay
And set me on the Rock to stay
Now I’m better
Now I’m stronger

You have always loved me
With an everlasting love
You have drawn me with kindness
It won’t be dark no more
Cos you are my light
And I am more than a conqueror

Repeat Chorus

I’m a winner till fade

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