Flo – Maybe You (Download + Lyric)

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Flo – Maybe You Lyrics & audio
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I can never find my way, if you don’t lead me
In this selfish heart of mine, I only see me

Maybe you can make me see
Maybe you can take all the scales from my eyes
Maybe you can open the door to my heart
Maybe you

I could never understand all the love you’ve shown me
And if this life was all I had, I’ll give you gladly

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Maybe if you would let me touch the wound on your side
I could be made whole again,
Maybe if you mend my broken heart, yes
I could live again
Maybe only you can build it all


Only you can make me see.

Lyrics by: Flo (Nigeria)

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 About Flo

About Flo

Flo AKA FLOROCKA, also known as ‘Akinwunmi Nathan Oluniyi Akiremi’, has been into the music and audio production business for over 20years. Besides being an accomplished Producer, Sound Engineer, Singer…Read More
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