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  1. Many of us need to forgive ourselves since God has forgiven us and claim our liberty. I want you to lay your hand on your chest and pray like this: “Lord Jesus, walk back into my past and erase every destructive memory, in the name of Jesus.”

    The next reason Abraham’s children suffer, is that they permit the operation of satanic weapons against their lives. The devil has a lot of weapons in his armory that he uses against Christians day and night. These satanic weapons are:

    i. Continuous feeling of unworthiness.

    ii. Anxiety.

    iii. Fear, which leads to lack of confidence. Many people have become like that servant in the Bible who because of fear of failure, fear of being compared to others and fear of taking risks buried his talent. He refused to do anything because he was under the bondage of fear.

    iv. Doubt.

    v. Anger.

    vi. Guilt. Many have allowed the weapons of the enemy to prosper in their lives. You need to identify these things and loose yourself from them. When some people come to God, they do not believe that their lot is improving. Some actually say that things are getting worse. All their dreams are negative because they lack faith and cannot see with their spiritual eyes. We have a lot of wicked satanic agents surrounding us. The first problem is that, they themselves hate one another so they cannot love others. The law says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” You have to love yourself before you can love others. So if you don’t hate yourself, you will not submit your life to the enemy. Jesus is here today to set people free. The Bible says we should be as wise as serpent and gentle as a dove. It also says, “I send you forth as sheep among wolves.” The Bible calls those we are living with wolves. Now, for a sheep to operate among wolves, certain things must enter the life of the sheep that will paralyze the wolves no matter how tough the wolves are.

    (Extract From Abraham Children part 2 by Dr. D.K Olukoya)

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